Words unspoken, Words unread!

The danger of mobile phones......

Just driving home from work one day,
As I've many times before.
But this dark eve, would change my life,
And many more for sure.

A normal night on the motorway,
Which turned to blood and tears.
A mangled wreckage up ahead,
Brought home my greatest fears.

Fuel, flames and screaming tones,
From a car beneath a truck.
There was no way to get to them,
Those poor souls were stuck.

Medics, police and firecrews,
Were quickly at the scene.
There was no way to save them,
No way to intervene.

The driver was seen speaking,
To a colleague on his phone.
A man and woman killed that day,
Two children left alone.

Negligence by a foolish man,
Now these parents are not alive.
So "stop" and think of others please,
Don't use your phone and drive.....

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