A BASKETBALL PRAYER  (In memory of my mother)

Here I am
Standing here once again,
After many, many anguish years,
I stand here on this old wooden floor,
Wondering, why now-

Is it time for my moment,
   My stand,
        My destiny in time-
For I follow my ancestors of yesteryear's
 The pain,
           The torment,
The sorrow that was yesteryear's-

So now, I am back to fight again
For my mother's dream
The commitment of time
                I am here once again-

To fulfill a promise of love, joy,
        And cherish dreams
              From a
                      Beautiful lady,
                                        With the brashness of a tiger,
                                                  And the tranquility of spirit-

I am here once again!
To pursue those dream of yesteryear
With ball in hand
I will soar again-

To realize her dream and mine
To pay tribute
To those who came before me
To destroy the evil that prevented my return-

I am truly back again
For the love of family
     And friends
          I will play again!
To fulfill my dreams
Bring life back to my
           I will once soar again!
                        See you Mom!

Love Gregg

Revised 6-25-2008
Written by
   Gregory E Upshaw

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A BASKETBALL PRAYER (In memory of my mother)

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