A Father's Tribute (In Memory Of Johnnie C Upshaw JR.)

This is for the fathers
Who has been the mainstay in our lives
Who have brought joy, pride and love
Into our lives-

This is for the grandfathers
Whose cherish memories
Will not be forgotten-

This for the men
Who understood the meaning of life
That life is eternal and everlasting-

This is for the men
Who brought liberation
Of thought into our lives
Who understood laughter
As the antidote to enjoyment of life-

For this is for the men
Who can graciously cry
Yet be strong within themselves-

For this is for you dad
For within you
All these attributes
Were portrayed-

This is for all the fathers who share
That common bond
       Of life
For in life there is no death
As in death there is no
Only a higher level of existence-

For I know now
That life is only
A moment in time-

This is for you
                    Whose life has not yet been fulfilled
Your light shines on eternally-

See you soon!

Written by
          Gregory E Upshaw

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A Father`s Tribute (In Memory Of Johnnie C Upshaw JR.)

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