Words unspoken, Words unread!

The waves of death...

"What a wonderful world we live in",
Are the words that are frequently said.
But an earthquake in Asia some years ago,
Left thousands of people dead.

An earthquake borne from far within,
This planets deep blue sea.
Islands and countries forever scarred,
By a raging tsunami.

To witness such acts of nature,
Hearing screams and deathly squeals.
The waters relentless advancing force,
Gripping at peoples heels.
Trains tossed aside like childrens toys,
While bodies flow on by.
Thousands trapped beneath the waves,
How could so many die?

As waters receded, only then did we see,
What destruction was lain in our path.
Bodies and buildings entombed in mud,
A product of natures wrath.

Bodies strewn across the plains,
Once blessed by Gods' own hand.
Orphans and widows left in its wake,
Will we ever understand?

Such a disaster never seen before,
Brought on by a killer tide.
May we never see its like again,
And may God always be at your side...


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