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 Incarnate Deity
All this seems so long ago and far away;
The world was more innocent than today.
Prophecies and miracles were accepted fact;
Before men could fly or the atom was cracked.

Men were less clever, but far wiser then;
They knew of God's love, and the wages of sin.
God spoke to hearts, as He still speaks today;
For man's constant sins, a price he must pay.

Men then were honest, and knew they were wrong;
They wrote it in their poems, sang it in their songs.
The Father's love was true, He felt their remorse;
Yet their punishment was just, and He had no recourse.

Then the Father's Son, spotless and without blame,
Offered to pay the price, offered to bear our shame.
The glory that was God, enrobed in flesh of man;
Incarnate deity, our Father's perfect plan.

Man owed a debt of love he never could repay;
No matter how he tried, from now to judgement day.
God's only Son agreed to pay a debt He never owed;
Only this could meet the price, according to His code.

Incarnate God in man, dwelling with and within;
A second Adam he, untainted with our sin.
The price was then paid, our many sins blotted out;
How Heaven must have rung with His victory shout!

Just how great a sacrifice, no man will ever know;
To dump the filth of all mankind on one as white as snow.
Our communion is now restored, our fellowship secure;
Atoning blood our sacrifice, precious love our cure.

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