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 "A contrite prayer"
I feel as though I may push too hard one day,
Thus the devil will win as you and I are the prey.
It is not my intention to make you feel like a fool,
I am not one who can immediately admit that I have gone and lost my cool.

Although it would prove to be better than for me to start a fight,
Even though it may make you mad, I will do my best to correct myself with all my will and all my might.
Longing to always have you next to me I know that's my fears,
That somehow I won't be enough and that's why I shed my tears.

I haven't ever known anyone as amazing and quite like you,
You stand up for me even when I don't have a clue.
You're the best in this life and that's why I can't bare to see,
Not even a single day without you next to me.

I know that you get tired of the foolish mistakes I make,
I will always ask for forgiveness as this is our life at stake.
I thank you for opening my eyes and I ask that you never leave,
You're everything that makes me happy and it is this I wish that you'd believe.

I direct my fears onto you which is clearly very wrong,
The truth be told is you are my heart and it is you for which I long.
I long for your gentle embrace and the gift of your touch,
When I know that you're upset with me this is something that is missed very much.

I give my vow to you that I will continue to work on me,
This way I do not ruin the best gift ever given unto thee.
You are without a doubt my best friend and husband in this lifetime,
I thank God every day that you were brought into my life and that you became mine.

To help me realize God's plan and all that you are able to see,
Assisting in my growth and evolving things to be.
I apologize in the hopes that you will see the change and inner growth,
That I trust and respect you for each of us need both.

Dear Lord, hear me calling upon the work needed inside of thee,
I ask for redemption for hurting what means the most to me.
I cannot go back thus unable to change anything in the past,
I can only move forward to help remove the shadows that have cast.

I will continue to love hard keeping the hope and faith alive,
It is this during my lifetime that I will continue to do and to strive.
I love this man that you have brought to me,
For I would not be without the love he has given unto thee…


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