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Why ll?

The problems of the world have my heart worried...
the gothic imagines are disturbing my sight
         Why is the midnight in the daylight?
Or at least it appears...destruction...destruction
  is ever heart is drawing tears,
but it's hard to count teardrops in the rain...
    they are counted as one in the same
But why must the truth cause so much pain?
The hands of the world is cold...
turning these tears into freezing rain
Death has no tightly fitted stomach

Why has the hero turned into the villain...?
All he knows now is killing...
the killing of the people he once fought for and freed
        O Lord, what are trouble souls
   and mere mortals to believe?
Man can't free us from the evils of his hands...
What an evil thing in the heart of man

copyright 2008
Robert Anthony James    

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Why ll?