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 From the Heart Through the Pen

The Letter

I awoke to bright white lights
Surrounded by people in scrubs and white coats
Not quite sure what's going on
Last I remember is reading what she wrote
While rain fell outside on 3 December

It told me she was sorry
For she knew the pain this would cause
Yet unaware if she would leave any scars
I didn't quite understand the letter
I could've handled it if it were a Dear John

The blips on the machine sound faint
My visions becoming hazy
Either I'm hallucinating and halfway to crazy
Or the world is slowly fading
My entire life before me quickly being painted

It slows to the time of us
The night we first met and our first kiss
There's the time I tried to cook her dinner
And it turned into a complete mess
Now the picture is back on the quicker pace

The countless smiles that crossed her face
Our first night together, our wedding day
Our first child, our 11 year anniversary
Happy memories brought to an abrupt end
Outside I heard sirens as the letter fell from my hand

The line now goes flat and someone mentions a blue code
I barely see the penlight shun in my eyes
I'm more focused on the glorious light I see instead
From it comes singing and I hear my name being called
I see people with wings and halos above their heads

Behind me I hear someone say
That on something I need to hold
With my last ounce of strength
I squeeze a hand and whisper I Love You too
Yet who this was I had no clue; the light I had already stepped into

Her head lay on my tear soaked chest
Through sobs she called my name
Promised if I came back she'd seize my pain
The doc mentions the time yet all this I did not hear
Never did I realize I've experienced my worst fear

¥☼MOI☼¥  2 Jan 09

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