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My senior year at the university is to begin on Monday;
 The summer was made by a lovely woman I met at the local gym.
Mrs. Wilson is 50ish, with striking features and silver in her hair;
Beautiful and lean, with lovely eyes, we became friends at first.
That friendship quickly blossomed into an affair  full of passion,
As her fingers were full of fire, her lips ignited my youthful lust.
I am reflecting here tonight alone, tomorrow I return to school,
As she couldn't get away from her schedule tonight, once again.
I have simply been a toy for her pleasure, but I was ok with that;
I needed little in return for the mountains of pleasure she gave me.
I wanted more of her, but she had other engagements of the heart.
I was not her only toy, but I was her dark eyed Italian stallion,
Always ready to spring into action at her slightest look my way.
I am sorting out my emotions tonight, wishing to have another moment;
But destined to have only my memories for the remainder of my life.
She has left me with a shredded heart, I knew not to fall for her;
But breaking through the lust, my heart embraced her as my love.
I'm heart broken tonight, a tear falls down my cheek, regrets are many;
Should I have told her that my love had grown strong this summer?
I was afraid she would dump me, as she made me promise not to get involved.
‘Just passion and lust, no strings attached' was her mantra I heard too often;
Stinging my heart and soul which she had taken captive from that first moment.
Love is a strange beast; pain follows the awesome beauty much too often;
I smile gently, remembering my summer love,  Mrs. Wilson. I need a beer.


This is an imaginary affair inspired by the movie 'The Graduate'

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