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 Original Thoughts

From the dawn of mankind there has been too few original thoughts;
For these thinkers are often ostracized when they voice these ideas.
Sometimes imprisoned, other times executed for crimes against society;
These brave souls have advanced humanity, breaking free from tradition.

Not  followers, but seeing something new, they speak up for change.
Sometimes many centuries pass before their wisdom is embraced by us.
Not fearing or cowering under the oppression of the governing powers;
Not silent when religious traditions move against the grain of reality.

Human sacrifice was normal in some societies, then came original thought.
Once, the earth was believed to be center of the universe, then came original thought.
Slavery and child labor were considered just, but then came original thought.
Rape, pillage, and plunder were the spoils of war, but then came original thought.

I am honoring those that thought outside of the box today within this poem.
I am thanking those for their courage, not just to think, but to express those thoughts.
I am wondering what the next pearl of wisdom will be that comes from original thought.
Will we consider that next original thought to be blasphemy, anarchy, or blessing.


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