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Don't blaspheme using our
Beloved Nabi Isa's (as) name,
You are the anti-Xrist,
And as the devils disciples
You must bear in his shame,
Oduduwa did not descend from
The sky, Shango must go
And Ngai is a lie,
Belief in Shirk is how the
Shaytan works
His Hoodoo, Santeria and Voodoo
Our beloved Nabi Isa (as)
Taught Tawheed
Stop your witch craft and
Other devilish deeds
Break your cruxfixes and other idols
It's time you believe as did the Prophets
Who worshiped the One true deity
Leave your ancestral shirk,
Stop doing the devils handy work
Stop calling yourselves by the
Prophet Isa's (as) name
Your misbelief and Isa's (as)
Belief is not one and the same,
Stop blaspheming Allah in Jesus' name


Abu Lateef


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