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Heart of A Hustler Part III (the poor man's anthem)

The trials are getting tougher
but I got to keep walking
because the man in the mirror
  won't stop talking
about the needs of my seeds
  and the cost of my deeds,
So believe what you believe
but I still got to succeed
  when my feet are aching
  and my body is breaking
  and the choosers and the losers
  come around faking
but I got to stay strong when I fall behind
  So I need every dime...
  don't come to me crying
  but the echoes of my steps
  keep playing with my mind
when my troubles took away the peaceful times,
   holding me from the goals that I see
The steps of my history keep eating away at me
The soft and the simple can't keep what I've kept
The dizzy and the delicate can't sleep where I've slept
In the rain, through the pain, in the car, on the step
In the darkness, in the ditches where strong men wept
But I still have my hopes...I still have my dreams...
but what does that mean if my hands aren't clean?
You can't get caught with your eyes half closed
They'll cover up your mouth
  and stick a rose up your nose
  like the posers and the spooks
  they fitted with a boot,
  exposing their roots
  and took their loot
This life is for got to have the skills
If you're out here willing to die...
You're out here willing to kill
This is how it is...this is how it is
When I take two steps forward
They pull me four steps back
Hell and high waters are close on my tracks
  with branches and small trees
  swinging at my knees
Life on the streets
  is hell in these seas
Why do they keep treating me like I got a disease?
Life get better...!  Get better life please!!
You got to take the heat
if you're on these streets,
You can't be weak
because the vultures come to eat
They swoop down quickly
  when they smell fresh meat
This pavement is too hot
and these streets are too deep
But I can't rest my kids got to eat
copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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Heart of A Hustler Part III (the poor man`s anthem)