Philadelphia Born & Bred: ameriKKKa's Most hated muslim poet
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I can take your attacks...
And kick them to the curve...
But can you really
handle what I'll serve,
From out of the darkness...
And into the light...
The real you has come
Out from the shadows of the night,
I can shut you down
and cause you to quit
But you've done it yourself
By revealing your
unresolved social and mental
I roll with the punches and
Come back with my Vibe Stick,
I ain't trying to mold your view,
Just responding to a news article,
Perhaps you're right,
This ain't the forum for you to be in,
If you got thin skin,
Don't get upset with me and make
Me the issue ...
I can't wipe your tears
because I ain't got No box of tissues,
I have concluded that some Muslims
Have been deluded,
With misconceptions deep rooted,
Thought processes convoluted,
Minds polluted
with tongues apologetic
Trying to make our Deen
more palatable
To the kafireen,
in this rhyme none
Of that will be seen,
If you want to celebrate Xmas
than that's on you,
But you can bet
You see me coming through

I'll continue to kick it
raight with no chaser,
Like a lyrical taser,
cut'n like a razor,
Don't take it personal …
don't let it phase ya,
Sometimes gentle
but most times rough,
Cutting through all that
that Uncle Tom, "can't we
Just all get along" stuff,
I can care less for the devils
That made Patric and Valentine saints...
That created your turkey day
Flag day or the fourth of july
Or halloween cause
if they ain't down with The Deen
Then they ain't living right,
Black or White they can take a hike.
Muslims are the ones for whom I care,
Therefore, with no trepidation and no fear of
Reprisal… The Party of Allah
Is waiting for al-Mahdi's arrival,
We are saying it loud and clear,
Because this …We want you to hear.
ameriKKKa is not beautiful
ameriKKKa is not free,
ameriKKKa is cowardly not
"The land of the free
Nor the home of the brave"
For the Native Americans,
ameriKKKa has become a genocidal grave,
ameriKKKa is where the Hausa, Yoruba and other
African people were forced to be slaves,
ameriKKKa boasts of its
racial equality and diversity,
Why are whites the majority in universities,
And racial minorities the majority locked down
In penitentiaries?,
Why are faggots and Dikes
Given every ungodly right to do as they do
In full public view?,
When Muslims like me and you
Are harassed and treated in a manner undignified,
On the TV, cinema and press,
Portrayed as criminals and vilified?
Why? Because, ameriKKKa is not a melting pot,
Beautiful it's not!
It is not a land of freedom and equality,
It's a land of hypocrisy,
ameriKKKa leads the world in lies and crime,
And to the world, ameriKKKa lies time after time,
ameriKKKa is not free,
ameriKKKa is not fair,
ameriKKKa is still a land of bigotry,
And ameriKKKa doesn't care,
And for Muslims, ameriKKKa is a nightmare,
As the last day draws near,
For ameriKKKa, the Party of Allah shows
No Fear,


Abu Lateef


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