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 Tall Pines

Walking into a green summers forest, I come into an older timbered pine stand.
The discarded needles soften the floor of these woods, as my footsteps are quiet.
I look up into the ceiling at the canopy of beauty seeing the sun filtering through.
The coolness on this hot summers day is noticed when entering these tall pines.

There is a spirit of wisdom and comfort that looms throughout these trees.
The breeze swirls throughout the stand, creating a pattern dictated by the pines.
A smile always comes upon my face when wandering across this forest floor,
As the joy of God's creation talks to my soul, as I commune with the tall pines.

A pine forest is one of God's special places, where He touches our souls with peace.
These trees breathe in the staleness of our breath and exchange it for the freshness.
Our symbiotic relationship though extends beyond this process of photosynthesis;
As our souls become intertwined, intermingled, interwoven; I become one with the tall pines.

As I am walking in the tall pines, I experience the thousands of trees speaking to me in one voice.
They speak of the love of a creator God, and His care and His dedication to His creation.
They speak of unity and peace, of co-existence, of working together for the good of all.
Resounding in my ears is the wisdom gathered from the hundreds of years by the tall pines.


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