Life Dreams / Lucid Living (c) 2003

Sibilant Stars

I rummage

in the backs of the shelves

of the cupboards


in my mind


My delicate, questing senses

come upon


slightly cracked, oval bowl


Abrim with a vivid, dusty

Cornucopia of

Myriad ancient, familiar

high ideals

and mythic, mystic

sibilant wisdom


We'll have a cup of kindness

with that, oh you who wait, who wait


(Now, where to

blow this musical dust,

brain encased,

you know, skull n' all?



Mind is



Careful, I cup the bowl

in respectful, excited, trembling



Turn in space and puff,

   puff           puff          til


Lo! Clarified surfaces

of sparkling gems and brilliance

begin to emerge








Exuberant, I offer the bowl

high, high above me,

and swirl, flinging wide and far


Vivid, cascading flecks

that fly as if splashed from

rainbow-dipped brushes,


Land in the endless 3D radiance

of my deep Being's skies,


find their place behind my eyes

and shine,

and shine


And shine forever,

ever there

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Sibilant Stars

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