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Heart Hunger

An aching need only you can fill;
No doctor can help, no serum or pill.
My heart yearns for the love you provide;
Only you can make this aching subside.

Just one glimpse of your lovely face,
All of my worries and cares will erase.
You are the light in my darkest hour;
You are the fairest, most fragrant flower.

All of my dreams are centered on you;
You change gray skies to fairest of blue.
How can you doubt my love's power?
My heart hungers for you every hour!

I love you more with each passing day;
My love is true, and I'll never stray.
Our love will weather the passing of years;
The good and the bad, the shedding of tears.

So come take my hand, my one true love,
And together we'll soar through worlds above.
No other woman could capture my heart;
Now that I've met you, we'll never part.

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Heart Hunger