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Modern Day Trade

Money can make a master
  and poverty a slave
from our eyes and our actions
in this modern day trade
Man are often foolish and bold
We all have been guilty of the good
   we sometimes sold
   and the evil we stole
from the chest of the Devil's breast of lies
  with regrettable results
  pulling sadness down from our tired eyes
And for this I am ashamed...
O Lord...please forgive these, my hands,
  when you remember my name
Though it was in pretty and perilous times
My thoughts are sometimes shaken
When I see hell grabbing at the feet of mankind
 Our children have seen the future and are scared
as large gray hairs pop-up from their little heads
The stress is too much for the living...
  too much for the dead

copyrights 2009
Robert Anthony James

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Modern Day Trade