A dream of man for ages untold,
To live forever without growing old.
Ponce deLion sought its fountain,
In deepest valley, on highest mountain.

Though his motives were noble and pure,
He failed to find the elusive cure.
Ancient Egyptians thought to live anew,
Yet despite their knowledge, the mystery grew.

Many sought the elusive Holy Grail,
Yet even its legendary powers fail.
In the end, grim Death awaits us all;
Attain the highest height, still must you fall.

Man seeks ever what he cannot hold,
No matter his youth, one day he will be old.
It is appointed unto each man a time to die,
No matter how honest, we all must lie.

Some under cold dark waves, others warm rich earth;
It was so fated long before our own birth.
Eternity there shall indeed be, an age without end.
No deeds left undone, no broken promises to mend.

An eternity of endless tomorrows, stretching into infinity;
I often pause to wonder what I'll do and where I'll be.

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