Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

It's hard being the ugly chick...

It doesn't matter,
It was only my heart
You shattered, telling
Me your truths and then
I ran and cried to
The one you said you truly loved.

I was just a distraction.
Someone to make you smile,
Someone to make you cheerful,
Someone to tell you that
You weren't worthless.

Was the favor ever returned?
I'll answer that as I weep myself to sleep.

I should have known,
I will now withdraw.
She wins.

I wanted seconds of your time,
Just so I could feel your warmth.
But I didn't know I was wasting it.
I should have known that your being special to me
Meant that you were like everyone other @sshole.

I guess it's back to razorblades for me.
It's a shame too,
You were such a nice alternative.
Too bad I was the buddy,
Too bad I wasn't the babe.

November 28 2008

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It`s hard being the ugly chick...

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