Concrete Forest

Gang banging
          Street banging
                    Concrete Forest-

People dying
          Children crying
                    Bullets flying
                              No remorse for the fallen-

Crack smoking
          Prostitute selling           
                    Cops stinging           
                              Benefactors of trouble times-

          Guts-inside body parts
                    Cultivate the Concrete Forest-

I see a mother kneeling
          A priest praying
                    A child victimize-a father convicted
All within the Concrete Forest-

Sirens blowing
          Lights flashing
                    Someone else dying
                              In the Concrete Forest-

Mercy on us
          Compassion for us
                              Deliver us
From the Concrete Forest-

Restore our hope
          Destroy the trepidation
                    Breathe life back into Concrete Forest-

It is time to go
          My time is gone
                    My nightmares-relinquished
                              Within the Concrete Forest-

No more worrisome days
          No more stressful nights
                    Freedom has to come to me
                              In the Concrete Forest-

My freedom is now
          Your comes later
                    But, not in this Concrete Forest-

Written by
          Gregory E Upshaw

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Concrete Forest

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