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 Lord Eagle's Domain

Stopping at a cliff on a trail away from mankind's touch;
Looking into the blue, cloudless expanse above the ledge.
A sky that is the royal palace for Lord Eagle soaring above;
His keen eyes scanning the cliffs, seeking out the prey.

Swooping down catching a rodent in his powerful talons,
Lord Eagle returns to his nest on the rocky crag above.
He shares the bounty with his young fledglings and his Lady,
Waiting for that day when a sky will be greeting his children.

Lord Eagle sweeps across the cloudless sky, looking at his domain.
His keen eye spots me and sweeps my way with a curious mind;
Evaluating my level of danger, I send out vibrations of peace.
I will never disclose the location of this place, I promise silently.

Lord Eagle weighs my thoughts, and he accepts my intrusion,
He swirls climbing higher, ever higher into the sky until he is gone.
I peer into the blue, waiting for his return to my vision;
Suddenly he streaks down from the heavens into the valley below.

The dance of Lord Eagle mesmerizes me as I sit on a rock and watch;
He returns with another morsel to share with the family on the cliff.
He looks my way with pride, knowing he is the king of this world;
I smile, knowing I have met  a great being today, he is Lord Eagle.


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