Again, again-I am awaken by the sudden pain-
Mobilization is what I fear-
My legs rifling with pain-
I cannot walk-
For every movement that I take-
Resonates throughout my extremities-

Why me! Why now-
Evil has presented itself once again-
However, this time-I will not buckle-
I will not waver-I must stay strong-
Stay strong in my belief-
A belief that my time has not yet come-

My mind is my strength now-
It must carry me now-
For my legs, my body, has forsaken me-

But my will, my spirit is still strong-
For it's the human spirit within me-that keeps me strong-
Therefore, I will not waver-in my bodily pain-
                    I will stay strong-
Written by-Gregory E Upshaw (ghsaw57)

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