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It is like a virus that attacks
Annoying emails came back
Going into my quarantine bin
In a cycle over and over again

Providing websites my identity
Resulted in a sense of stupidity
Put on advertisers mailing lists
The problem continued to persist

Upon recommendation of my ISP
I paid a tech to scan files on my PC
No definite problems were found
Everything appeared to be sound

I was warned if it happened once more
My connection would not be restored
In a few weeks my computer was down
I had no choice but to start looking around

I went to the public library for research
Asking God to lead and guide my search
Becoming aware of His timing you see
I learned some lessons applicable to me

With new email it is like a clean slate
I am determined not to repeat my fate
The Holy Spirit will help me succeed
To trust Him more and follow His lead
God can use mistakes to make me strong
As I am willing to turn away from wrong
Next time if I face that temptation again
It will be easier to resist and victory gain
Carol Salter 1/22/09

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