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The Last Campfire

He made his camp on a high hill
Overlooking the valley spreading out
Leaning on a ponderosa log the air so still
So beautiful he wanted to shout

Thank you God for these wonderful sights
Feeling so small in this vast world
Watching as the first stars appear in the night
Giving his thanks to the Lord

Thinking back to all the years alone
Just him and his faithful old horse
Never having roots or a real home
Just following the prairie wind along its course

Now the years have caught up with him
Always working from ranch to ranch
Remembering  the rivers he and that old horse had to swim
Not really caring throwing his life to chance

The sky fills with pale moon light
As he lays back on that hard log
Pleasing to his old eyes as it grows bright
Watching the stream below comes a light fog

Built his campfire with great care
So tried now in his later years
How many had he share with his old mare
Reflecting on all the cattle drives and all those steers

Forgetting all the things he had desired
Slowly drifting into the final sleep
Beside to his last campfire
Releasing his soul to God's keep
                                                            Edwin J Smith
                                                       The Old Cowboy Poet
                                                              Jan 25th 2009

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The Last Campfire

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