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 ~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954`

~*` A  MEDLEY OF FEELINGS `*~{`ReCap*2009*`}

`Correction of Title`
`Medley~Noun~ meaning`a piece of music
combining tunes or passages
from various sources:
a medley of combined poetry
passages in this sense.
To those who critiqued my
mis~spelled previous Title
I thank~you for bringing it to my attention!



Lavender Rose n Butterflies Pictures, Images and Photos

Lavender hues are what I see
When I look out over the sea,
Love comes rolling in so high
Riding waves under the sky..

Lavender Rose n Butterflies Pictures, Images and Photos

Passion shades of lavender hues
Sets a stage of departing blues,
Lighted to calm burning desires
Rises in ecstasy quenching fires..

Lavender Rose n Butterflies Pictures, Images and Photos

Lavender shades of rainbow hue
A promise between God and you,
Calming the soul with great hope
Knowing with God we can cope..

Lavender Rose n Butterflies Pictures, Images and Photos

Twilight sets lavender hues to rest
After glorifying a sunset at best,
Magnificent colors of every shade
God's unique power He has made..

Lavender Rose n Butterflies Pictures, Images and Photos

Soft lavender petals graces a rose
Permeating air as the wind blows,
In true spirit of God we do trust
Lavender is love surrounding us..

MaryJane Balthazar
Copyright ©2009


SWAN Pictures, Images and Photos
SWAN Pictures, Images and Photos
Swan Lake is my fantasy dream
come true
Gliding across a blue sky with
 only you,
Gracefully floating being held
in your arms
Feeling the desires of your
lovely charms..

SWAN Pictures, Images and Photos

Your eyes glistening in soft
moonlight glow
Excites my heart as a dance
in a fire show,
Burning thoughts deep within
my very soul
Forever to be etched with
desires so bold..

SWAN Pictures, Images and Photos

Shooting stars soaring upward
in the sky
Blaze swiftly across the planets
way up high,
But in a fleeting moment it
spirals down
Swiftly disappearing before
hitting ground..

SWAN Pictures, Images and Photos

Our souls are dancing eternally
it seems
Locked tight in embrace forever
in dreams,
Like swans entwined in a world
of their own
Gliding together gracefully in
our galaxy zone..

SWAN Pictures, Images and Photos

Poem Copyright ©2007
Mary Jane Balthazar    


lavender rose Pictures, Images and Photos

In the still of the night
I sense your heart beating
I reach out to touch you
And find that I am dreaming

I try to sit up to find you
But arms are holding me tight
I feel your strength upon me
Keeping me warm thru the night

When the world lays in darkness
And stillness is the only light
You come to me in silent dreams
Protecting me from all my fright


Please don't go,
now that i have found you
I am asking you
please don't go..

Please don't go
life without you i cannot bear
I need you here
I must have you near..

Please don't go
for I love you so
I don't want to lose your love
I have just found you..

Please don't go
I am begging you to stay
please don't go
don't ever let me go..

I was glad that I found you
someone wonderful as you
please don't leave me now
I am pleading you not to go..


`MaryJane Balthazar`

`MJB`~all rights reserved

©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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