Beautiful Disaster

Not Again

It happened so fast
I never saw it coming
You caught me off guard
And I wasn't prepared
I've never met anyone
Quite like you
With such a beautiful mind
And a magnificent soul
With a heart
Full of gold
Your dazzling smile
You intrigue me
With your ambiguity
And I can't help
But simply thirst
For more
Talk to me
Write me poems
Say the things
You said to them
But say them
Only to me.
For I'll return ever word
Get lost in my eyes
Let me captivate you
If only you'd try
You'd see
I'm much more
Then I appear to be
But I know
I'm not your type
I don't fit the mold
Excuse me
For being so bold
But for some reason
Or another
I feel strong
When I'm around you
More confident then before
When you hug me
I feel warm
Your hand fits perfectly
With mine
But you'll never see me
Like you saw them
Will you?
And that's why I cry out:
Not again!!!

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