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 The Sarge

The Sarge...has been around since the first organized military.
The Sarge...is the epitome of military rank.
The Sarge...is essential to any successful military endeavor.
The Sarge...is sometimes the private's best friend, his worst
nightmare, his mother, brother, and father figure too.

The Sarge...has all the answers to all the questions ever ask by
 a private. Once a private ask another, "How do you know that for sure?"
The other private responded, "Cause the Sarge told me so!"
The first replied; "Oh! Why didn't you tell me that to start with!"

The Sarge...makes sure there's food, water, blankets, weapons and ammo.
The Sarge...holds Guardmount, roll call, mail call, bed check, sick call, and pay call.
The Sarge...issues three day passes, days off, work assignments, post
assignments, and extra duty.

The Sarge...leads the charge, holds the bleeding, the dying and the crying.
The Sarge...collects and counts the dog tags.
And everyone wonders why the Sarge...
has gray hair at the age of thirty five.

The Sarge...is the team leader, the rock, the anchor,
the man of the hour, and the beckon in the dark.

Above all...
The Sarge is the inspiration for and the molder of young Warriors.

That's why they call him...
"The Sarge."

Jackie R. Kays

Dedicated to the memory of Master Sergeant Olbert Hiett...USAF
(Air Policeman Extraordinaire)

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