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 The Blue Knights of DaNang

They stood tall...protecting those mighty war birds and the men that kept them flying high.
They stood tall...in the hot sun, and the monsoon rains that often fell from the dark Asian sky...

They stood tall...in the dark, near the perimeter wire, waiting...
waiting with their weapon ready to fire.

They stood tall...night after night on the black tarmac, lit only by a pop flare's light.

They stood tall...waiting for that hostile call...
"V.C. on the fence!" or "Charle in the wire!"

They stood tall...professional sentinels one and all.
They stood tall...ready and waiting for that ominous call.

They stood tall...Blue Knights all, in camouflaged armor...
dedicated to protecting and defending those might war birds...
when the siren's call.

They stood tall...representing the bright torch of freedom that
protects us all.

They stood tall...with distinction and valor.
They were there...they answered the call.

So here and now, I stand at attention and salute them one and all.

Jackie R. Kays
35th Air Police Sqdn.
Danang, AFB-S/Vietnam 1965

Copyright 1997 all rights reserved

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