Tattoos in Mayberry

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I once was a young man,
who life dealt a bad hand,
and I've been knocked down
to my knees.
You';ve seen me in soup lines
I 've fallen on hard times
I'm glad my mom can't see me
Sell my pop cans and plasma
I'm scarred up and battered
I ache from this life that I lead

I get my meds from free clinics
I'm warring with cynics
I pop some of doze now
and toke' some ah deeze.
I got a dog for affection,
and sometimes protection
she's there through the night as I scream
 I've been lookin for a way out
I might take the jump
off the high bridge route
Maybe then i could get some
relief from the heat
Cuz, them town folk harass me
they grimace as they pass me
they have their high hat opinion 'bout me
and it's free.

I served proudly
so boldly
but who could've told me
'bout the things they ordered me to do.
I killed men, I  killed women
and even some children
while wavin
' that red
that white
over blue
Now, these wars 'bout destroyed me
my country ignores me
what I wouldn't do for
some peaceful release.
and  my heart is abandon
I sleep where I'm standin'
I'm glad my mom
can't see me.

 Now,I'm drunk,
and I'm dirty
I'm  hungry and worried,
I die every night in my dreams.
Now, It's barrooms and alleys,
there's no peaks,
only valleys
I'm glad my mom can't see me.
I once was a young man
who life dealt a bad hand
And I've been knocked 
to my knees
you see me in soup lines
I've fallen on hard times
I'm glad my mom can't see me
I'm  glad for what my momma can't see.


 Buddy Bee Anthony

All rights reserved as is by the authors

Vince Johnson & Buddy Bee Anthony

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I`m Glad My Mom Can`t See Me