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 Fresh Wind

by Fred Pifer.

The stale air of death is vanquished from my life;
The forces of darkness have released my throat.
With the power of a white knight riding in at dawn,
The breeze stirs quietly at first,  then the fresh wind.

Bringing comfort and healing to my isolated life,
As stagnant murky waters reeking of alcohol
Are washed from my soul by the rains of the spring.
Shaking the shackles of winter, blowing is a fresh wind.

The epic story  of a warrior wasting away his life,
With hopelessness grasping at his naked bare feet.
Beyond love's reach, wandering across the desert,
Yet blowing in from the south, bringing love, is a fresh wind.

Saved by the grace of a mighty loving Father's love;
The death of sin is swallowed up by His embrace.
I reach up from the pit, as He reaches down to me;
I am rescued by His Son,  riding in on a fresh wind.


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