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 Dark Love

I awoke to a gong, wandering on my basement floor.
It vibrated my every cell I was trapped behind the door.
There were candles burning that I did not light.
Thirteen flames in the smoky room gave me little sight.

There was a foul smell from below my gaping wounds.
 Dizzily I wondered if my basement would be my tomb.
I heard a whisper up ahead but I live alone.
Who is this person I must find that's cut me to the bone?

I stopped and grasped the gashes where my flesh once had been.
I stood half conscious in pain, wondering if the whisper was the wind.
Again the whisper beckons and now I must go see.
What kind of a man or beast could do this harm to me?

I stumbled to the wet west wall and leaned back in curiosity.
There's several black candles burning, did I light them for me?
I never buy black candles. They're seeds of demon spawn.
Oh the pain and faintness, how much longer can I go on?

" I must lie down", I'll lay on that lighted table near the left wall,
I go through the webs, the table beckons, "Come lie before you fall".
I lay upon on the table. It felt almost like a bed.
It was softer than the pain and thoughts deep inside my head.

I closed my eyes in agony, my dreams took me away.
I awoke to shorter candles, wondering if it was the same day.
I wished I was sleep walking and this nightmare would end.
Yet, this was a wasted wish, I'm trapped in deadly sin.

My eyes were blurred from loss of blood and all the pain within.
 On each side a black and white candle burned dimly in the wind.
The black was to my left, the side of Satan's hand.
Why the Hell I'm here, I do not understand.

As I laid upon the table and the light pierced the night,
my eyes came into focus and gave me such a fright.
  Whites of eyes were glowing and all focused on me.
If this isn't a dream, please, God, come set me free.

There was like an evil force which I couldn't get free from.
It bound me to the table as I wondered what was to come.
I tried to keep my senses and get a hold of my mind.
Yet, things that were in my basement now I couldn't find.

Where did that old manikin go over by the south wall?
Where's all my books and boxes and my bowling ball?
It seems as I lie here, reality has went array.
What do these specters want of me on this painful day?

All of a sudden some one was near. I didn't see them come.
I trembled trapped with pain and fear yet, I cannot run.
He laid upon me. Yet, I didn't feel any weight.
My body started trembling and pleasure now gestates.

He bonded with my body in the candle light.
He kissed my wanton lips with pleasures of delight.
This demon beast from Hell that I could not fight,
seduced me with Dark Love and took my soul that night.

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