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The simple number precedes fourteen
A baker's dozen was used instead of the word thirteen
Traditional superstitions won't even recognize its very existence
Is it really all that scary, is it really all that spooky?
Let us reflect on the whys of this phenomena.

The ancients began the traditions so many moons ago;
Mesopotamia in 1760 bc is the first recorded skip of the number.
In Egypt the thirteenth stage of life is death.
Falling between 12 and 14 is a simple 1 and a 3 combined,
But sometimes reasonable humans think unreasonably when superstitions are aroused.

The Christian tradition has the Last Supper with 13 guests at the table;
Satan is called the 13th angel in some traditions.
In Hebrew the number thirteen has the connotation of death.
M is our thirteenth letter of our alphabet and exists without negative thoughts,
So some high rise apartment buildings rename the floor M where 13 should be.

In Babylonia, China, and Rome the number of completion or perfection was 12.
Ophuchus ( the Serpent Holder ) is the 13th constellation in the zodiac band,
Yet the ancients did not place it in the zodiac signs known today.
Religions are built on common thoughts of mankind,
As  for witches the perfect number for a coven is thirteen.

The tarot deck's thirteenth card is the card of death;
Lodi, the Norse god of mischievousness, crashed a party of 12 Norse gods,          
          At Valhalla causing the destruction of the peace.
I love Sacramento, California's boldness against this ignorance,
As you can stand at the intersection of 13th Street and 13th Avenue in that town.


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