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 Bursting My Bubble

Bubbles floating up from my hopes and dreams;
My idealism contained within those pristine orbs.
Unable to see beyond into the horizon of truth,
I scan the skies waiting for my fantasies to ride in.
Through the veil of this other worldly dreamscape,
Comes reality's slashing sword, bursting my bubble.

Awakened and kicked out of this land of dreams,
I seek shelter from the stark reality of my life.
Where is the aspirations I had when I was sixteen?
Where is the career I was destined to secure?
I have hidden within these bubbles for so long now,
I don't know what is truth, bursting my bubble.

Crashing down the door I have kept locked for safety;
Bashing down the walls of protection where I live isolated.
I begin to see now that I seek this reality with all my soul,
Washing away the cartoon life that I have lived up to now.
Free from all my ideals and manifesto's, I can now see,
The cleansing release comes from bursting my bubble.


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