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 Night Shift

Another night shift is on me as the cycle is back to here,
As the town is  asleep, I work throughout the night.
I operate the boiler which provides the town with its power;
I keep watch over the process and ensure its safety.

Sometimes bleary eyed, I must stay as vigilant as possible;
As the clock approaches 3 am, I must focus and stand for a while.
I watch the eight computer screens that enable me to see
That the boiler and it auxiliaries are functioning properly.

I scroll through the 60 pages of information on these screens,
As the major parts I keep before my eyes for constant observation.
The steam drum, the flue gases, and the liquor flows I monitor all night,
As the fire burns hot within the furnace as I watch.

Come 6 am I see the door open and in comes a beautiful sight;
My relief is here, I communicate, and I'm gone into the morning.
The night has past without incident, peaceful and calm;
To the shower, then drive home as the rest of the town is waking.

Sleep is waiting for me as I enter my home's door, I brush my teeth;
Change into my pajamas and in a matter of seconds I'm asleep.
It seems that even though my bodies rhythms are confused by this pattern,
The sleep is so sweet, so welcome, after working  on the night shift.


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