Beautiful Disaster


And all that I believe
Just trying to process
All that I receive
I'm not sure
If I know
What I once
Thought I knew
The things that used to be so solid
Are crumbling
Beneath my feet
And the foundation
I thought to be so firm
Is shaking under me
Will I stay strong
Or will I fall down?
Can I get steady footing
Or will I crash to the ground?
And if I do fall will I get up again?
I'm reaching out
But the answers
I'm seeking
Are just out of reach
Is it worth the risk?
The foundation I stand on
May not hold much longer
Should I crumble
Or fling myself
Into absolute uncertainty
I can rebuild my foundation
I've done it many times before
But if I take hold of those answers
Those dreams
Those aspirations
Then what will become of me?

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