Beautiful Disaster

If You Really Knew Me...

“Sweet and amazing person.”
“Beautiful in so many ways.”
“Your openness is admirable”
“You'll find that person one day”

She would like to
Think its real
That this is the way
They really feel

And you'd think
She'd believe it eventually
But in her eyes its just
Compassionate flattery

Oh how she wishes
She could be
The beauty everyone
Claims to see

And she tries so hard
To find that girl
With the contagious smile
And the perfect curl

As her eyes glance
Toward the image reflected
She sees the creature
She expected

Her love is genuine
Her heart is pure
Of these things
She is sure

She reaches out
To those in need
She wants to see
Everyone succeed

It hurts her heart
To see someone
With great potential
Exude none
She is committed
To what she believes
And will not succumb
To what they perceive

In everything she does
She pours her heart
All of it
Not just a part

And so if this is
What they see
She agrees

No, never.
Always and forever

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