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This word strikes fear into the most brave heroes of our day,
As the vibrations on our vocal chords chills us to the bone.
We wish to hide from the reality of the growth of cells unchecked,
Yet not a single soul has escaped the cold touch of this disease.

The power of those that battle this malady comes from a source we don't know,
As the very flame of life is challenged to prove its right to exist.
We hold in admiration these folks, when we're brave enough to take a peek,
As the fear of this dreaded challenge strikes a primal place in the soul.

We shrink away from facing the reality that others have been forced to live.
Don't even whisper the word under your breath, as it is always seeking an invitation.
Not our voodoo, our good luck charms, nor our superstitions will not keep it a bay;
As cancer attacks randomly, without regard; yes, this is where the fear comes from.

“Charlie, he is a good ole fellow, but, you know, he smoked two packs a day”.
“Shirley ate those trans-fat in the bucketful;  Bob always worked around chemicals”.
“Fred, he always overindulged in everything ; Nancy was just asking for it the way she lived”.
We want to find a reason in order to remove ourselves from this game of Russian Roulette.

The tactics of cancer are similar to that of the random terrorist's bomb,
As the fear comes from this defenselessness as we stand totally naked.
Shivering in a corner, covering our vitals, desiring the safety of our mothers womb;
Our fears are complete as this disease has gained a foothold within our very essence.


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