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The Ballad of Red and the Wolf

Wolfie shrugged his shoulders;
Now it didn't hurt so much
And he reckoned pretty soon
He wouldn't need his crutch.
It wasn't all that long ago
Live was pretty good
When he really was top dog
In this neck of the woods.
 A pox on that dread day
When Red, that little flirt,
Went mincing on her way
In her hood and mini skirt;
On her way to Granny's
With her basket full of meat
Whose smell wafting to him
Caused temptation hard to beat.
The rest was rather painful
As he watched it in re play
Grimacing at the thought
Of that dread doleful day.
He'd tried to whip her basket
Not giving any thought
To the real prospect
That he might be caught;
But Granny seeing his movement
From her rocking chair
Went and yelled blue murder
At him stood frozen stupid there;
And Red that little creature
Went and tore her cape
While yelling at full volume
Its rape its rape its rape.
That darned old woodcutter,
Not bothering with the facts,
Went just a little berserk
And whacked out with his axe.
The Para medics saved him
At no little cost
To his injured pride
Plus the fur he lost.
Well experience is useful
He thought with a long sigh
And he'd soon be fully mobile
As time passed slowly by.

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The Ballad of Red and the Wolf