Tattoos in Mayberry

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 itchy twitchin for a fight.
You keep your porch light on
all night,,til you get it right.
Cuz,you need it bad,
Iron clad,
just been had
Fat gold money's mad.
Froze your ass in Stalingrad.
Schwag fell out your zip bag.
and now you need it
that's why you're still
hangin round here.
it's patently clear..
You never said thank you
when they said please.
You say your  shi*ts   together
but your shi** up in your jeans'
and you need it bad
iron clad.
need it bad
just been had.
need it bad.
fat gold money's mad.
need it bad.
Schwag fell out your zip bag.
and now you need it
that's why we're all still
slingin it round here.
Why haven't you ever tried runnin away
or committin suicide.
Your puzzle pieces couldn't be
all scattered around here
You smoke you stuff 
til, you're dim and cross eyed.
Over the moon 
puke drunk on cheap beer
Is that what you hold sacred
Does it kick you in gear
When you need it bad 
iron clad.
just been had.
fat gold money's mad
froze your ass in Stalingrad
schwag fell out your zip bag.
That's why you're still swingin
 it around here
It's eminently clear.
You walked away
when you met your match
now you got an itch
even the devil can't scratch
and you need it bad
That's why you're still singin round here,
It's dangerouly clear
that you need it bad

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Need It Bad