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 A Poet's World II by wings2fly2heaven
Author's Note: The original prose is available, refer to poem list, titled: "A Poet's World"

This poem was nominated and won the 'free daily contest' here at poetrypoem.

A Poet's World- II/ Written 2/22/2009
Only poets have the capacity and appreciation to comprehend the true meaning of this poem.

Be it a dream, imagination or fantasy unfurled

Oh my god in heaven is this a poets world?

Cometh unto me captured and consumed my soul

Tattered strips of life's tapestry sewn to console

Emotional patchwork satisfied that made me whole

Paths trod upon by thousands... we're never alone

And I, the dreamer, ventured away to forge my own

Taking adoration too far away from what was real

My spirit flew to a place where I again could feel

My innocence sold- How did I know heart's could steal?

Engrained forever in mind words crafted tell our tale

Only few realize a poet's world where emotions sail

Into horizons we cannot touch for mind's playful zeal

Embezzling shadows to walk with us… yes it's real

Potential of intense fear…  my fallen spirit does reveal

This world survives in realism as we'd desire it to be

Dangerous yet marvelous and amazingly beautiful to me

Memories etched cannot be erased by hearts of gold

And silence is never golden for volumes will be told

A poet's world cannot be denied its pleasures to unfold

We'll create intelligent distractions to help us make

Illusions that hide subconscious thoughts for our sake

So play them, massage them, believe them, for words convey

Depth and layers in metaphoric delights in desire to say
To this occasion I say... RISE!

As we dreamers always find a way  

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