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 Why Do I Write Poetry?

I am sitting here in front of my computer this afternoon
Asking the question, Why do I write poetry?'
Many answers float through my brain, but none are complete.
I sit a little longer and allow this first wave of answers to pass;
Now beginning to have a moment of quiet, I listen deeper.
My soul's voice is so small, so still, that it is barely audible;
Softly it speaks volumes of wisdom from the vault within.
This is a vault not belonging to me, but to all of mankind;
A storage center of the reality behind the veil of discernment.
When I write, I dip into that well sometimes, and draw out water;
Food for my heart, quenching my thirst for the balm of peace.
This doesn't happen often, but when I write, sometimes it does;
Sometimes the knowledge and wisdom of the ages
Is brought into view by my pen for me, and then share with others.
These occasional explorations into that unseen realm of the soul
Is why I seek to write these poems, this is why I write poetry.
The others can be fun, healing, meaningful, peaceful, worshipful;
But on those times when the drops of water from that well of life
Spill over onto these pages, I connect with something larger than myself.
I am downloading the jewels from the timelessness of the soul;
I am connected to the greatness of the most awesome I Am.


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