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This simple word holds so much meaning to each of us.
This powerful concept defines who I am to myself, as well as the world.
With it, I know that I exist as this construction is built by me since childhood;
Gathering into it my name, my possessions, my hopes, my dreams, my profession.
This becomes the ego's edifice built to self.
With the validity from Sartes “I think, therefore I am”.
I become me and me becomes I,
Intertwined with my internal dialogue.
I become what I think and believe;
An individual, separated from the masses.
It defines my personality  as I become special to myself.
I hear my ego's shouting in my head;
This is me, I am my, that is mine.
My ego becomes a black hole pulling in more, insatiable;
This I is empowered by my thoughts swirling into a tornado.
Are they my thoughts or just bundles of common patterns,
The monkey mind rages on, making me an I;
Isolated from the truth, separated from the power.
Albert Einstein called this “an optical illusion of consciousness”
And as we recognize this false sense of self defined by ego,
The illusion falls away, if only for a moment.
When the veil is dropped for any time period,
We look squarely in the eye of the true self.
One that is in communion with all that is,
No longer separated by walls of definition;
But a part of the ocean of life.
Exploding our meaning of the word I into a million pieces;
I becomes disidentified with my thoughts for only a moment.
Fear arises within of my destruction, as I melts into the oneness of unity;
I now see as a false illusion,
I becomes something grander;
Much more than my mind could ever conceive.
Now the true me says I,
Undefined, no longer imprisoned, free to be.


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