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From old mountains and deep seas
Sweet, bittersweet angel
With big and faithful eyes
Why did you come again?
To give me hopeless dreams?
to once again imprint,
the scent of your skin in my bones!
I thought that I've forgotten you,
locked you deep and far,
and threw the key away,
I thought you'll never come again
To remind me of my youth,
my former unfrozen self!
Can you remember..when we were
running wild,
wild, naked and free
And you were sometimes quiet,
to my wild stories?

(thinking they stand today!)

And you-you were just looking at me
And then I'd ask you to tell me
you love me-
And you would just whisper:
"You won't look for me anymore
I'll be yours forever
Because I'm dying of love"

I've forgotten your words,
You didn't call me
in the darkness, the coldness
besides you-
in your coffin,
To be
by your side forever.
Abandoded me in this cruel, big world
over and again,...that
I've betrayed you
betrayed you, betrayed you!

And today when it appeared
that I've forgotten you for good
You showed yourself again
Just like in my youth.
Your sweet breath flew a long way
To bring to life again
My first love,
and resurrect my frozen heart along with love's powerful flame!

Why won't you talk to me?
Are you afraid?
Right there where you are
I want to hear your call
Soon, soon...I'll come
I'll leave this world behind
And go out into the darkness,
to follow
your disappearing shadow,
Sweet angel of mine!


Copyrighted (2015)

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Love Angel



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