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The unexpected gusts of a morning breeze,
Turn to furious winds that can topple trees;
Bulletins and warnings come close together,
The alert is of potentially dangerous weather.

Dark, swirling clouds menace from above!
Must find safety for those you love;
Sirens send chills up and down your spine,
Takes all your might not to whimper and whine;

You huddle close together, try to calm your fears,
Pray with all your might that the storm soon clears;
The terror! Sheer horror! The bone-chilling sounds
Of a tornado that threatens to touch the ground;

The winds howl and whistle outside the house,
Inside everyone listens, quiet as a mouse;
After what seems an eternity the gales die down,
And a huge sigh of relief relaxes the town.

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Tropical Storm `Fear`