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A  Needle in P-town

The night was crisp and raw, almost frozen, but not like this
day had seemed. A  full moon was riding higher in the sky, it was nearly
Halloween. Though the thermometer read warmer than any October day
had ever been, I couldn't feel its warmth nor take the blue sky in.
There's no one more lost than a junkie struggling and newly
clean. Before a twenty was your best friend, but now its just a simple
means. Today a friend of yours called to say you were gone. Now your
life's dumped and crated into boxes--I can't undo this wrong.
And all that's left of you is ashes,  a little puff of smoke. A scream's
lodged deep inside of me--a broken bone--all I can do is choke.
There's the memory of when I last saw you and now the one which
is in its place--you all alone and naked, a needle in your arm,
mascara smeared across your face.

Melissa A. Howells/Meloo copyright 2004