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In the ghetto, barrio and slums
They dwell,
The people at the top
Make their lives a living hell,
Growing up on the streets
Every day is bad
And you have the audacity to wonder
Why they look so sad,
Kids hustling hard on the streets
Trying to make enough dough
To be able to eat
Trying to make ends meet,
Criminalized from birth,
Told they have no worth,
Future, an early grave
Or a long life in jail,
Must give Dawah to the people,
To bring them out of the darkness
And into the light of Islam
Just give a damn!
Aid them in the fight
So they become
The people of the right
Show them what is right
So they can side step wrong
Help them so they can
Sing that freedom song
Five times a day before they pray
Dawah will plant their
Feet firm upon the straight way
Bring them out of the darkness
Into Islamic light
Prepare them for the fight
Don’t be like those on top
Their crap has got to stop.
Serve them up some Islam,
Just give a damn!
Hurry up, double time, on the run
Out of the barrios and slums
It is time to be down with the One
The light of the Book will
Guide you out
The book wherein there
Is found no doubt
When you turn to Allah
The change will come,
There is no god but Allah
He is One,
Not one of three,
Trinity is blasphemy!
Submit to Allah and
Islam will set you free
Allah is ever living,
And will never die,
Give them the dawah
So they can stop believing the lie
Give them the gift of Islam
Just give a damn!
Laa E laaha illa lah
Muhammadur Rasullulah

Abu Lateef

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