ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Islam is my way of life,
Islam will be my way until death,
Justice is my goal,
I give charity and do good deeds
As a means to purify my soul,

I will pray for Allah's mercy
Until I am placed into my grave,
Only through living a righteous life
And being blessed with Allah's Rahma
From the Hell fire can I be saved,

My stand is for Islamic unity,
I stand fast against the misconception
Of Kufar imperialistic superiority,

I stand against oppression and
The act of Jihad is my expression,
Rebellion knows no repression,
Five times a day I pray towards the east
You hate me because I do not believe
This world is yours to fleece,

You label me a terrorist because
To my enemy I turn not my cheek,
Instead, I choose to raise a clinched fist
And will resist unbelief
With an iron will,

To reestablish the Khalifate
I'm ready to die as well as kill,
You believe and fear every word I say
But isn't free speech… the ameriKKKan way,

You trained me to use the rifle, bayonet and
Taught me discipline through military drill,
You taught me the arts of improvised munitions
Escape, evasion, survival under all conditions
The techniques of the manhunt and the kill…

You taught me how to camouflage, ambush
And do tactical patrol, so; if you label me terrorist
You are the culprit that trained me for the role,

I am a U.S. trained veteran in the tradition
Of Teddy Roosevelt and his "Rough Riders"
Remember, I was trained by you
And not by "al-Qaeda"

Forged through combat in your wars of tyranny,
An expiration date on my acquired skills
I don't recall you giving any,

You helped hone my man hunting skills
And directed me to kill…
Do you now label me terrorist because
I submit to Allah's will.

Abu Lateef

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