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There are two contending forces.
The forces of Light and the forces of Darkness.
They cannot peacefully co-exist.
Confrontation between the two is a constant.
They are both bound by space and time and are
As the on going friction between these two
entities ebb and flow one constant remains irrefutable.
They must ultimately clash in an epic battle
for control of the planet.

The forces of Light fight to establish that
which is right and to that cause they pledge
their oath of fealty to the Creator of Light
through clasping the hand of their Imam
they swear to hear and obey those in authority
amongst them.
From that day foreword they spend all of their
time in the acquisition of knowledge sacrificing
their wealth, real property, possessions and lives
in pursuit of "Victory or Paradise."

They are duty bound to establish justice on earth.
They come together to fight oppression
by any and every method that is within the Code
of Islam. The Furqan is their primary weapon.
The Quran is their sole criteria of judgment
for execution of the war against the forces of
They submit to no human authority
unless that authority exemplifies the characteristics
of Rasullulah (SAWS). They are respecters of no
man made laws unless those laws correspond to
the laws of Allah (Shariat ul Islam).
They are all that stand between the weak
and oppressed masses and the embodiment of Evil.

The children of darkness would desire no
less than complete worldwide domination
and exploitation of Earth's human population
and natural resources. The entire population
of the earth cries out for help and protection
from these maniacal enemies of the masses.
Who cry unto their Lord Allah to send his helpers
to aid them in their desperate plight.

This Army of Allah is not restricted to any
national borders, thereby, making it a transnational
entity with no known central command. They are
non-aligned with the so-called Western Super
Powers. A highly clandestine shadow government
functioning undetectable on every continent as a
multi-ethnic Islamic Party enjoining what is right
and forbidding what is wrong.

In complete submission to Allah and in total emulation of
Rasullulah (SAWS) they are the best among humanity.
Their mission is to re-establish the Khalifate.
Under a Righteous Modern Day Khalif the masses will be
protected from the denizens of darkness. Their prayers
for protection and safety will have been actualized.

Unintentionally the Western powers have
through the Atlantic Slave Trade and colonization,
planted the seeds of Islam upon their own shores.
All praise and glorification is due to Allah. He does
as He pleases. The stage is set for the ultimate show
down between the forces of Belief and unbelief. Only
Allah knows when the battle will begin.

Abu Lateef

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