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Can You help a Akh out?

Down and out,
The sidewalk and subway is my residence,
Obama, or should I say my dear Mr. President,
They said all would become better
When George Bush went,
Seems like you could give me a dollar,
Since I gave you my vote,
Obama's reply "I'm fresh out of hope"
My mouth is so dry I feel I'm about to choke,
Need medication,
But my pockets are full of lint
And I'm flat broke,
Neck feels like I'm hanging
From the end of a rope,
Obama's, response, "I'm fresh out of hope"
Must be bound for hell cause I can smell,
Stale urine and human excrement,
Vapors coming up from the cement,
Can you help a brother out Mr. President?
Brother, can you spare a dollar?
How about fifty cents?
I'm homeless because I lost my job
And couldn't pay the rent,
It's getting hard can you spare a dime
I'm about to catch a case,
Cause I'm thinking about turning to a life of crime,
But I ain't sure if I can do the time,
It's getting cold out here in the ice and snow,
The wind is kicking up and about to blow,
Feel like I'm in Chicago,
The Windy City…
The streets are hard and Philly ain't showing me any pity…
Mr. Obama, I'm confused and thinking about turning to dope
Obama says, "Son you better try it, because I'm fresh out of hope."

Abu Lateef
© 2009

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