ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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He was unlettered, never attended an earthly school
I could speak forever on the topic of
Our beloved Muhammad … Allah's Rasul
The final link in a long chain of Prophets
Humble and without vanity
He was sent as a Mercy for the humanity
Al Ameen warned us of this dunya, told us to beware
He warn us of 'The Whisperer' who snares
A Warner to any who would heed
That the best actions are the doing of good deeds
Consciously abstaining from sin
So perhaps, The Garden of Firdus one might win
He came to instruct us in this Deen
And inform us as to what he had seen
About Buraaq and his heavenly night ride
And about Alam Al Ghayb
A Warner to any who would be advised
Any wise enough to realize
That the life of this world is transitory
The grave an inescapable depository
The Door to Eternal life
For all has been decreed

Abu Lateef

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